A 4-Step Roadmap To Becoming A “Master of Many”

The job market tells us to be a "master of one" but isn't this actually ill-chosen for the long run? Think about it; there are so many factors outside of your control: bull markets, increasing job market competition, advances in technology, automation, natural catastrophes, that it's safe to say it's too much of a wager … Continue reading A 4-Step Roadmap To Becoming A “Master of Many”

Finding Your Secret Sauce

It’s 3PM and it’s minute 78 of a soccer match in Highbury, London. Arsenal scurries across the field, an endless hustle to maintain their position but also shimmy around and dominate the opposing team. They’re trying to “find an opening,” a fleeting moment where a little space opens to push the ball through the turf and claim a crowd-roaring point. 2000 … Continue reading Finding Your Secret Sauce